I hate it...
what is "it"?  "It" is English.勃然大怒
It made me upset and angry and pain.
Grammar,Vocabulary,phrase, tense....沉思
I am not graduate from the sciences and engineering.
主機,隨身碟.....how to say in english? how should i know?
No one can help me in my office.no one....傷心
Complete it all by myself.but no one can help me to check if i make a mistake.
喜歡我還有點喜歡英文的那股力量不要不見~give me the power,English.
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  • Nancy
  • One more important thing,

    If you should have any problems, I would be glad to discuss with you. Although I'm not a professional person, I'll try my best to give an answer to you. ^^
  • Nancy
  • Same to me! I know the feeling.

    But it's really a good opportunity to improve our english ability,right?

    You have a lot of potential and I believe that you'll succeed. 

    Let us strive together!